Project Overview


Campaign / Design / eBook

Children’s Drawings, Photography, and Stories from Syrian Refugees in Turkey

A multi-media eBook of drawings by Syrian refugee children paired with photography and audio stories.

Our project is a unique and new kind of storytelling, combining the realism of photojournalism with the expressionism of art. We will travel to Syrian refugee camps in Turkey, collect art therapy drawings done by Syrian refugee kids, and pair those with our photographic portraits and interviews.

We will publish all this material in a multimedia eBook so we can share the art, photographs, and stories with the world. The eBook will be free: that is best way to reach as many of the more than 120 million iPad owners, a huge potential audience. The beauty of publishing an eBook is there are no printing or distribution costs — only the cost of making the multimedia eBook itself, significantly less than a printed publication.

Ultimately, our project will combine both emotion and image, giving voices to the silent and faces to the lost.