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The iPad Book Market

Wondering whether there is a market for iPad books? Well, there sure are a lot of iPads out there, bought by people with extra money to spend, who are always looking for another $5 treat.

Rik Myslewski in San Francisco just wrote an article about predicted iPad sales, which I found here. With almost 30 million sold by June, he predicts another 20 million sales to come. That’s a lot of potential customers to buy your book.


“As of Apple’s last fiscal quarter, which ended in June, 28.7 million iPads had flown off the shelves in the year and a quarter that they had been on sale. And if history is any guide, we’re going to see another iPad sales surge: during the holiday quarter of 2010, Apple sold 7.3 million iPads, a nearly 75 per cent bump up from 2010’s third calendar quarter sales of 4.2 million.

“Now, we’re not saying that this holiday quarter will see an equally ludicrous leap – after all, in 2010 the iPad was rampaging through early adopters like a voracious virus – but just for giggles, let’s say that those 20 million Foxconn iPads get sold this quarter, and that the 2010 holiday-buying bump-up repeats itself: that’d mean that 35 million iPads would be found under Christmas trees, Hanukkah bushes, and Kwanzaa candles this year.

“Ain’t gonna happen, of course – but 21.9 million? Sounds doable.”


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